Watch: Rafael test-launches missile from light vehicle in Israel

Feb. 7 (UPI) — Israel’s defense contractor, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, has released video of a test of precision-guided SPIKE NLOS missiles launched from a Tomcar light-vehicle launcher.

The missiles, known in Israel as Tamuz 5, were fired from a new lightweight buggy that features eight missiles and can be mounted on light SUVs, Army Technology reported. The launch platform can be airlifted and dropped deep inside enemy territory because they weigh less than 3,000 pounds, according to the company.

Missiles were fired at different ranges and attack angles, with high precision and without the use of GPS, from an undisclosed location and date.

“This new launcher will enhance ground forces’ precise stand-off capabilities for low-signature operations in a variety of operational scenarios and requirements,” Zvi M., head of Rafael’s Tactical Precision Weapon Systems Directorate, said in a statement obtained by Israel Defense. “Rafael continues to develop advanced, tailor-made solutions to afford forces increased maneuverability and effective fire-power to overcome battlefield challenges and achieve optimal mission results.”

The system is part of the 5th generation of electro-optical SPIKEs.

Rafael’s family of missiles can be fired on land, in the air or at sea, including targets beyond the line of sight, according to Rafael.

Around 30,000 Spike missiles have been sold to the militaries of 31 nations worldwide, including the Israeli Defense Forces. Another launcher, Rafael’s SPARC, can be towed and remotely operated from a control station using a fiber-optic connection.

The Tomcar did not require any modification because it is “part of the advantage of the launcher’s modular design,” a company official told Jane’s Defense Weekly. He added that Rafael developed the launcher so clients can launch missiles from a light vehicle or on a pallet that can be installed on a vehicle.

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