The littlest Jets fan? Toddler rattles off Winnipeg players in viral video

The Winnipeg Jets may be playing in Ottawa this weekend —  but one little superfan in Winnipeg was getting all the attention Saturday. 

Aria McTavish is just two years old, but can already name seven Winnipeg Jets players.

In a video posted on Facebook, her uncle, Reid McTavish, shows her cards with the players’ faces as the toddler says their names.

Watch the video here: 

By 1 p.m. Saturday, the video had close to 92,000 views and had been shared by the Winnipeg Jets’ Twitter account.

Aria’s mom, Chelsea McTavish, said her daughter learned the names from studying hockey cards at home.

“We also have a program that she likes to read at bedtime,” she said.

“Aria probably knows more about the players than I do.”

Aria has been going to Jets games with her family since she was just 6 months old. (Submitted by Chelsea McTavish)

Aria has been going to Jets games since she was six months old, and gets excited whenever she sees pictures of them or watches games on TV, McTavish said.

“When she sees anybody dressed up in goalie equipment, she thinks that that’s Hellebuyck. So we’re walking through Walmart the other day and there is a picture of a goalie and she started screaming ‘Hellebuyck!'” McTavish said.

“She just glows when she’s watching those hockey games too.”

The Jets meanwhile are on the road, playing against the Ottawa Senators at 1 p.m. Saturday. 

Aria loves watching NHL games and gets excited whenever she sees the Winnipeg Jets on TV, says mom Chelsea McTavish. (Submitted by Chelsea McTavish)

So while Aria and her family hope she can meet the Jets someday — perhaps as their video gets more attention — on Saturday they’re going to a Manitoba Moose game instead. 

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