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SnapChat has started to roll-out its controversial new update across the UKGETTY • SNAPCHAT

SnapChat has started to roll-out its controversial new update across the UK

SnapChat has started to push-out its polarising new update to users across the UK.

The photo-based messenger appears to have slowed the roll-out following , which brings a new look to a number of key features.

The new update redesigns the Stories page, which showcases photos and videos from friends, as well as content from professional publishers.

These ephemeral stories appeared for 24 hours before they are permanently deleted from the messenger.

In its dramatic new redesign, SnapChat has dropped its dedicated Stories page – dropping the content amongst private messages in a single feed.

According to data supplied to TechCrunch, 83 per cent of App Store reviews (1,941) for the new update are negative with one or two stars.

SnapChat users have flooded social media to complain about the changes, with users branding the software “annoying” and “dumb”.

One user tweeted: “Just randomly updated even though I didn’t want the update, sorry but it’s really annoying please bring back the old Snapchat!”

Another added: “For the love of god remove the new update. Didn’t even want it but somehow me and my friends got it anyways.

“Don’t wanna see strangers stories, I use it to interact with IRL friends not the entire planet. The new story design is dumb, makes no sense.”

If your SnapChat app has been updated, and you find yourself struggling to get your head around the new design – here’s how it works.

Where Are My Friends’ Stories?

In the new update, SnapChat users will need to swipe from the left hand-side of the main viewfinder screen.

This is the new Friends panel.

As well as Stories, this screen also contains your friends’ individual Snaps and instant messages.

It’s a little crowded, and this decision to bundle all of your activity into a single feed appears to be the biggest source of confusion for users.

Why Are My Stories, Snaps and Messages In An Odd Order?

The latest version of SnapChat does not always order the all-new Friends screen chronologically.

According to the company, the screen displays your friends “based on the way you communicate with them”.

SnapChat will learn who you speak to most frequently – and place them near the top of the feed.

“We’ve all had the frustrating experience of scrolling endlessly through our Chats to find the right person – now your friends will be listed in the order that you want to talk to them,” Snap says.

However, the company cautions that it might take a little while for the Friends page to update and learn the best way to display your friends.

How Do I Watch and Rewatch Stories?

If one of your friends has shared a Story you have yet to watch, there will be a circular preview bubble besides their name.

Tap this round preview window to view the Story.

After you have viewed their post, the app will load-up a preview of another friend’s Story.

You can either tap the screen to watch it, swipe to skip it, or swipe down to exit.

If you want to rewatch any of Stories you have viewed in the app, you’ll need to open your fiend’s profile by tapping their bitmoji on the Friends screen.

The all-new design changes the location of Friends’ Stories, separating them from publishers’ contentSNAPCHAT

The new design changes the location of Friends’ Stories, separating them from publishers’ content

How Do I Send Snaps?

Take a Snap from the main viewfinder screen that appears when you load-up the app.

Despite the drastic changes to SnapChat, the app still opens to the camera, making it the fastest way to share a moment with friends.

Once you’ve taken the photo, view, or used the new Type feature – you’ll see the all-new Send To screen.

SnapChat will now surface the eight people you’re most likely to interact with.

At the top of the Send To screen, SnapChat will now show options to add a new Story to My Story, Our Story or Group Stories. 

How Can I Manage My Story?

You can add to your own Stories at any time by tapping the SnapChat logo in the top-left hand corner of the main camera window.

This is also where you’ll see your Story views and delete Snaps from your Story.

Where Is The Discover Screen?

Swiping from the right hand-side on the main camera screen takes you to the Discover screen.

The new Discover page is home to Stories from publishers, creators and the community.

Your subscriptions will be housed at the top of the display, followed by other Stories you might be interested in watching. 

Over time, Discover will become uniquely personalised for you. 

While the Stories on Discover are personalised algorithmically, human editors review and approve everything that gets promoted on the page.

SnapChat says it believes “this balance of human review and machine personalisation provides the best content experience on mobile”.

To see less of a certain type of content, press and hold a tile and tap the “See Less Like This” or “Unsubscribe” option.

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