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OnePlus is tipped to sport a flagship design and specsONEPLUS • GETTY

OnePlus is tipped to sport a flagship design and specs

OnePlus will unveil its next-generation flagship phone, OnePlus 6, in London on May 16th.

The all-new flagship looks set to improve on its predecessor in a number of ways.

Ahead of the ticketed launch event here is a run-down of everything we think we know about the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6 – What Is Confirmed?

First things first, OnePlus has confirmed its new handset will be branded OnePlus 6.

Given that this new phone will be the successor to the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T, that might seem obvious – but remember, this is the company that skipped the OnePlus 4 entirely, after all.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the OnePlus 6 will be powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon 845.

This wasn’t a huge surprise, since OnePlus has always favoured the company’s flagship silicon in its hardware.

However, it does hint at the kind of performance we’ll be able to expect from the new flagship OnePlus handset.

The notification slider will also be repositioned on the side so that it can double-up as a manual button to change focus in the camera app, OnePlus confirmed in a tweet.

Elsewhere, OnePlus has revealed its new handset will sport a notch in the display.

This is a growing trend amongst smartphone manufacturers, with a number of companies opting to include a cut-out in the top of their edge-to-edge display.

Apple, Huawei, Oppo and LG have all opted for this design.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei confirmed the long-rumoured design decision to The Verge.

Pei said: “What you are essentially doing is moving the entire notification bar up, giving users more content on their screen.”

The Shenzhen-based company provided the technology blog with the exact measurements for its upcoming notch: 19.616mm x 7.687mm.

The company will shift the clock to the top left hand-side of the screen to allow more space for status icons to the right hand-side of the notch.

OnePlus will take the wraps off its al-new OnePlus 6 smartphone in LondonONEPLUS

OnePlus will take the wraps off its al-new OnePlus 6 smartphone in London

Following the controversy around the notched design, OnePlus also confirmed users will be able to hide the notch with software.

This feature will not be available at launch, but added later in the software update.

The Chinese firm also confirmed its new phone will boast the biggest screen it’s ever used in a smartphone, while not increasing the handset’s overall size.

This results in some 90 per cent screen-to-body ratio.

Elsewhere, OnePlus published a blog post which confirmed the handset will sport an all-glass design, hinting at the possibility of wireless charging on the new phone.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau: “The advantages of glass over metal are manifold: glass communicates a transparent, bright, and pure feeling.

“The way glass transforms under different lighting is a particularly important challenge — the OnePlus design team tested over 70 glass prototypes before selecting the best one.”

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has also revealed the new handset will keep its 3.5mm headphone port, and will introduce an edge-to-edge display with a small notch, like the iPhone X.

OnePlus has confirmed its new flagship smartphone will have this notch designONEPLUS via THE VERGE

OnePlus has confirmed its new flagship smartphone will have this notch design

OnePlus 6 – What Is Rumoured?

There’s still much about the OnePlus 6 that we don’t know.

Rumours suggest the flagship handset will have a 6.2-inch edge-to-edge OLED display.

This would make it the biggest display ever shipped on a OnePlus phone, something the company has already committed to doing with its latest flagship phone.

OnePlus will purportedly improve the dual-lens camera system on its new handset.

The camera will likely improve on its predecessor’s ability to shoot Portrait Mode-style images, which add an artificial bokeh blur to the background behind the subject.

OnePlus could also increase the optical zoom capabilities in its dual-camera system.

The OnePlus 5T is capable of two-times optical zoom, thanks to the combination of the two lens.

Last month, leaked benchmark scores purportedly placed OnePlus 6 ahead of the all-new Samsung Galaxy S9 in terms of raw speed.

The OnePlus 6 purportedly scored an overall score of 276,510 on the AnTuTu benchmark test – a significant step-up from the previous flagship from the company, OnePlus 5T, which scored 212,558.

Benchmark tests, like AnTuTu, are designed to help users quickly compare performance across different computers and different platforms without getting bogged down in details of specs.

It also looks at single-app load times, boot time, and wireless data speeds. At the end of the test – the higher the number, the better.

If the leaked benchmark score is accurate, OnePlus 6 will be faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9, which clocked-in at 241,470 in the AnTuTu test.

According to technology blog True-Tech, OnePlus 6 will get a hefty increase in price, compared to the previous OnePlus handset, OnePlus 5T.

The OnePlus 6 64GB base model is listed as between RS 33,999 and RS 36,999 which is between £373 and £405.

While that sounds affordable this is the Indian price and not what the UK will be charged and that’s what’s important.

This rumoured cost for the Indian market represents a RS 4,000 jump over last year’s RS 32,999 OnePlus 5T.

That’s close to a ten percent increase which, applied to the UK OnePlus 5T price, would place the OnePlus 6 at about the £500 mark.

If accurate, this will make the OnePlus 6 the most expensive handset from the Chinese manufacturer yet.

As a brand famed for offering solid specifications at reasonable prices, it’s a risky move.

That said, if the rumoured specs are accurate this is still a very small price for what could be on offer.

When you consider this may give the £999 iPhone X and £739 Samsung Galaxy S9 a run for their money when it comes to specs, that £500 price doesn’t sound so bad.

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