Sonic the Hedgehog was almost designed to look like arch nemesis Eggman • • Video game reviews, news, previews, forums and videos

How Sonic the Hedgehog was conceived to help Sega compete against Nintendo in the early 90s was discussed during a postmortem for the original game at this year’s Game Developer Conference. Most of the talk was about Sonic’s appearance came to be. Though the decision to make Sonic a hedgehog was seemingly a straightforward one – allowing him to deal ...

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Seeing Burnout through fresh eyes •

The first video game my son ever played – I mean really played, rather than toyed with – was Burnout Paradise. We played together, but he took control; he decided what he wanted to do and he did it. The 2008 open-world driving title from Criterion, which is being released in a remastered edition on PS4, was a formative entry ...

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how games have explored the ocean •

This piece contains spoilers for Rime. “It’s always ourselves we find in the sea” – e e cummings You first notice it in the sand. The sun screes across the surface, glimmering in the silica and crushed quartz like lakes of blazing light. When you move, your body is a flying dream, each leap a shackle broken, drifting like a ...

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The power of spring in Horizon Zero Dawn, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and The Last of Us •

After the darkness and dormancy of winter life restarts, almost as if the punishing frosts, snows and winds had never happened. The season of spring starts to take hold, colours reappear, foliage regrows and landscapes transform to offer different looks, feels and opportunities for interaction. This can be truly impactful when it manifests in video games. Where winter revealed the ...

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